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Qlik Sense

Leading expertise in extending and embedding Qlik Sense

As independent consultant with deep knowledge of Qlik Sense we can help you get the most of your Qlik Sense installation

We can help you with:
  • Extension development
  • Use of Qlik Sense new features
  • Recommendations around Qlik Sense integration
  • Complement your Qlik expertise with web development skills
  • Integrating Qlik Sense in your own software
  • Build powerful and innovative solutions
  • Review extensions and integrations
  • Training and coaching your developers or consultants
Qlik Sense dashboard
Smartwatch for JIRA

Only get notified about changes you care about

Smartwatch for JIRA

Do you get too many JIRA emails about changes that you are not really interested in?

With Smartwatch for JIRA each user can decide for himself what changes are interesting. And keep a closer eye on some issues than others. And since we are different and have different roles in the organization we can watch different things. While a developer or tester might be more interested in descriptions and comments, a project manager is more interested in status changes and a product owner wants to know when it's ready.