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Leading expertise in extending and embedding Qlik Sense

Extending and embedding Qlik Sense

Qlik Sense uses the same QIX engine as Qlik's older product, QlikView, but in a new environment with modern web-based tools like HTML5 and Javascript. To make professional quality extensions of the product or use Qlik Sense in a web environment you need to understand both the Engine and modern web development. This is not a common skillset so you might need some help.


The QIX engine and its associative data model makes it possible to give your users highly interactive solutions with great flexibility. It allows totally dynamic construction of your datasets from the underlying model and makes it possible to let your users interact with data in ways that you never thought of.


The new environment means great possibilities to seamlessly integrate your own solution with Qlik Sense. Extensions are now first class citizens so you can bild extensions that feels like a part of the product. The open and well documented APIs gives you lots of possibilities to use the QIX Engine.

Your contact

Formerly with Qlik R&D, Erik Wetterberg is the creator of Qlik Sense extensions, the Mashup API and Visualization API. He is now independent Qlik Sense consultant and helps you with your Qlik Sense development.



Ready to start your project? Or well on the way? We can review your plans and implementation and help you make sure that you use Qlik Sense the best possible way.


Need development help? We can help you with qualified Qlik Sense development.


A workshop focuses on your work and the problems you have encountered. Some points that might be interesting:

  • performance review
  • property panel usage
  • testing and quality
  • building and packaging your solution
  • using the engine API
  • the visualization API

We can help you with an introduction to extending and embedding Qlik Sense.

Suggested subjects:

  • Qlik Sense concepts: associative model, hypercube, generic object
  • Your toolbox: single, extensions, mashups, APIs
  • Basic extension building: loading, using data, interactions, properties
  • Mashup intoduction: structure, how to build, templates, multi-page mashups
  • Testing extensions and mashups

Interested? Send us a mail.

Help with your software project: design or code review, development, training.

Training materials, presentation, developer documentation, workshops


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