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Do you get too many JIRA emails about changes that you are not really interested in?


With Smartwatch for JIRA each user can decide for himself what changes are interesting. And keep a closer eye on some issues than others.


And since we are different and have different roles in the organization we can watch different things. While a developer or tester might be more interested in descriptions and comments, a project manager is more interested in status changes and a product owner wants to know when it's ready.

Flexible setup


Smartwatch for JIRA uses rules that you can customize youself to suite your needs and ways of working.


When you install Smartwatch for JIRA you get a default setup with a set up rules you can use. But you can easily modify or deactivate the default rules or add your own ones.


It is possible to combine Smartwatch with standard JIRA watchers and notification schemes, but to get the full effect you should probably disable the builtin watchers and use a notification schema with no or very few notifications.

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