Add Sense for Chrome

Chrome extension for exploring, troubleshooting and debugging Qlik Sense apps

Explore and inspect your Qlik Sense app or mashup from Google Chrome. Troubleshoot problems and monitor performance. No changes to your app or mashup needed.

Add Sense Chrome used in Qlik Sense Desktop

Key features:

  • Works in both the client and mashups using the Capabilities APIs
  • Shows visualizations, with ID, handle and type
  • Allows you to inspect properties and copy them to clipboard
  • Monitors recalculations with frequency and elapsed time
  • No changes to your app needed
  • Shows app(s) used
  • Access variables and scripts (if you are authorized)
  • Check what extensions are used in your app
  • In the client show sheets just like visualizations

Works in both Sense Client and mashup

Add Sense for Chrome works in both the build-in Sense client and in mashups using the Capabilities APIs

Charts displayed with the API through getObject and will be tagged.

Used app(s) will be displayed in the bottom right corner.

Properties and other buttons will work just as in the client.

If your mashup shows charts from more than one app, all will be listed.

Add Sense Chrome used with a mashup
Qlik Sense demo app with properties for a chart and the sheet

Show properties

For all charts, sheets and the app you can click on the cogwheel.

That will display the properties for the object.

Use this to troubleshoot or to investigate what settings produce this chart.

You can display several objects properties at the same time, to make comparisons.

Properties can also be copied to clipboard.

App properties, script and variables

From the app box you can inspect the script, variables and app properties.

Windows can be open at the same time and moved.

You can also copy window contents, complete or partly, to the clipboard.

If you do not have access to the script the script button will not be available.

App script, variables and properties

See what extensions are used in your app

You can also easily see what extensions and charts are used in your app.

Just click on the extensions button in the app info box.

You will get a list of all axtensions and built-in charts are used in your extension, with title and sheet title

Master objects are also included.

List of extensions and charts

Monitor performance

The extension can also help you find performance problems.

When you enable the extension on a page, whether it's the standard client or a mashup, it will start recording recalculation times.

Every time an object is revalidated then extension will register time elapsed for recalculation.

It will also count how many revalidations has occured.

If the object is no longer on the screen, the extension will continue to monitor recalculations, so when you re-enable it you will get all the statistics.

Use the extension to monitor calculations.